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Thread: power on connector for dell mini 10

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    power on connector for dell mini 10

    Alright so I have a Dell mini 10 that I am going to use as a carputer and would like to have a switch or relay to turn on the netbook and the turn on wire/connector was easy to find. But I dont want to splice any of the current wires or solder anything since its under a warranty lest I void it. My question is, is there a place I can purchase the connector and run the two wires out from under the keyboard?

    I plan to use the netbook for school as well so it will be taken out and I would have a disconnect for the wires coming out from under the keyboard to the switch. I know it wont be pretty but better that then voiding the warranty and I understand that the current power button will not be operational if I do it this way, thats fine with me.

    Here are a few pictures I snapped of the connector.
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    Someone made a power-button bypass that used a 3.5mm plug (I think).
    Basically he could plug the vehicle PSU into that plug and allow it to control the power button and it looked pretty clean.
    You should be able to purchase the connector from an electronics parts shop. Try mouser or digikey.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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