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Thread: Reflective Fujitsu tablet as a daytime monitor

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    Okay, I've tried realvnc. It's surprisingly fast, but slow via Wireless G. It's the latency that bothers more via wifi, not the actual page draw. Now via 100Mbps (not Gb), it's very, very fast. Again, you can notice some latency, but you really have to be looking for it.

    However, it does not play video. Just a black screen. After searching for answers, I found this:

    Tue, every vnc I know on M$Windows just polls the video memory. Most video
    display apps and definitly the ones using video overlaying or direct-draw or
    other accelleration (so that'll bee all) do NOT use the vidoe memory. Hence,
    vnc can never see the video picture.
    Video is displayed on directx surface which is not picked up by free
    version of vnc. If you use personal/enterprise edition of vnc with
    mirror driver you will get video. IMHO, is it a bad idea, as it takes a
    lot of cpu/bandwidth. You will be better off using something like vlc to
    stream video over the network.
    And others like this. Makes sense - that's what direct x (direct acess to the hardware) is all about right? Windows does not even know what's going on, that's why we can game with window.

    Again, the plan is to have two screens anyway, one daylight visible AND bigger than 7", so video is supposed to go the the rear screens. It would be nice to see the visualizations though, so that's going to be on the second screen. Or maybe I'll make the Tablet the main computer...will see about that.

    I also tested the above in an old notebook (Pentium III 700 with 384Mb RAM running XP, 10/100 wired network). It can't get much worse than this, so maybe the latency thing will get better with a Pentium M or CoreSolo/Duo and more memory, and gigabit connection.

    I'm also going to try Maxvista, but for now I'm happy. Now is to figure out how to hide the notebook back into the huge console...

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    Well, I just found an incredible price on an Motion Computing ME1700 Viewanywhere screen. I also bought a used console on ebay cheap, so I'm free to tear it apart if need be.

    I was just waiting for the Apple iPad to make a decision. So I went ahead and bought this:

    Motion Computing LE1700.

    Beautiful, huh? ;D

    2GB RAM 80GB HD Core2duo 1.5GHz UXGA 12.1" 1400x1050 Viewanywhere screen that is outdoor viewable, see below side by side with a regular convertible tablet (Toshiba M400?).

    Bought used, just got it, it is in mint condition, gorgeous. The handwriting recognition is awesome, and the speech recognition works great with the multi-array mic included. It has bluetooth, wi-fi and Sprint EVDO and 3G/HSPDA with a SIM card in Europe (I have the Sim card slot, not sure it works with AT&T). 3.5Lbs, not light as the iPad or Kindle of course, but much much lighter than my lightest notebook, it's lighter than some netbooks, and as thin as a MacBook Air (this one is 1/2 lighter, but it's not rugged).

    And it's crash proof up to 24" Link

    I'm going to build a mount for this on my Sequoia, it won't be the only carputer, because I want to take it with me even when the wife decides to drive the Sequoia. But when connected, it will work as a über cool wireless screen for the carputer.

    I'm going to download the kindle app for the pc now and see if Amazon can delete my books remotely. 8)

    I like it so much I don't want to tear it apart. It's going to be used as a wireless screen inside the car, but I'm still open to other possibilities. It will have to be able to control all the media in the car, and it will share 3G connection, that is a must.

    I certainly won't just plug it into a RAM mount. It completely ruins the interior space, specially the passenger side. I bought some RAM mount parts to see if I can fit it into some kind of a hinge mechanism and hide the support in the console. I am also considering mounting inside the console lid too, but I can't figure it out how to angle it best toward the driver and passenger. If I wanted it to stay in a fixed position, that would be easy, but I don't want that.

    Will see what happens.


    R. Hurst.

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