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Thread: What's the point to this carputer thing anyway...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kev000 View Post
    because android is broken on x86, there are no drivers available, and the interface isn't designed with the car in mind. see the following threads:


    specifically, Tidder put it really well:
    Another year and you won't have to worry about that sort of thing. Let the manufacturer do the hard work then hack it to do what you wan't

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderStick View Post
    I disagree with "If you plan it carefully then you can have a setup that destroys any other solution".
    A viable solution for a sunlight readable screen has not been made affordable yet. The Lilliput transflective screen is close, but still not great.
    Bluetooth phone connectivity in your carpc will probably never fully develope. The best solution for using your blue tooth phone as a speaker phone I found is to just press the speaker phone button. That works great for me. My android stops the music and switches directly in to phone mode. Seamlessly.

    I have to say for anyone interested in taking on the carpc challenge it is fun, but again finding something you want to stick with because it works probably will not happen.
    Carpc's should be as mobile as anything, they need to be able to with stand harsher environments than any media device or PC you use. Bumpy roads, spills in the car if installed under a seat(it happens), power fluctuations, etc...
    Mobile doesnt mean removable, it means tolerant of multiple environments under conditions other than ideal using an efficient amount of power. Carpc's should be mobile.
    PC's were meant to be built to stay in one place. Not jarred, shaken or vibrated (damages hard drives), Not frozen then thawed using a blast of hot air (damages your CPU and ram or other internal components), Not introduced to fluctuating or poorly regulated automotive voltages (even the best carpc power supplies occasionally slip up with a hiccup of poor power control, but of course most users here are not using the best).

    If you have 7 PC's in one car allready your efficiency is thrown out the window.
    If you feel that your 7 PC system is at the top of the game, then you obviously have much more planning to do. 7PC's is truly not at the top, more towards the bottom. The smaller footprint the better. Your car obviously is desired to be an entertainment bonanza. Great for car shows (look what I did), not too great for practicality (I can use this daily and so can anyone else).
    What? what do you mean? The BT phone issue is just about solid. The problem is that the echo is hard to fix, or should I say was. The Phoenix SOHO echo cancel card fixed that. The delay issue was fixed via software and those were the only two issues.

    If you pick quality products it can all last forever. A phone can easily fall off its mount and into a cup of coffee. Accidents can happen to anything. Anything man made can be destroyed by things like vibration, including a phone. So far my OPUS hasn't let me down, i guess because its a quality part.

    PS: mayhembdm666, your right, I have to reset my Touch PRO at least every two weeks.

    OMG the debate can go on and on till no end. What efficiency are you talking about? i drive an SUV.............. Smaller footprint? It all depends on the needs of the user. Unless your the god of what a Car PC should be and know better, that foot print cr@p is garbage. My car is built around each passenger, what they want to do and not to be tied down to do one thing in a shared environment. I built it 100% for practical use, my practical use and the passengers that drive in my cars, practical use.

    Now that you think you found a perfect solution, the PC is now limited and have all these problems. Well you spent 10 years playing with it, so obviously you saw some good then. It may not have worked out for you in the end, but that doesnt mean its not going to work for others.
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    I have a few more thoughts, but it's too late so i'll just say this:

    Quote Originally Posted by justchat_1 View Post
    How do you pull down a notifications shade to view a text while traveling at 80mph safely?
    Agreed, but I just wanna point out that usually when one is driving 80mph (at least how it seams to me), less attention to the road is required, i.e. your on a fairly straight highway with plenty of room in front of and behind you. It's the 40-60mph travel (traffic, city roads w/ stoplights, etc) that are most dangerous to be messing with your PC/phone in.

    Happy posting...

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    I know alot of states are trying to ban the use of phones while driving unless you have a hands free head set on. So then that will make using the phone illegal while going 80 mph anyways, lol.
    Nirwana Project, the Android/Win 7 hybrid system!

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    Quote Originally Posted by btilford View Post
    Another year and you won't have to worry about that sort of thing. Let the manufacturer do the hard work then hack it to do what you wan't
    You realize thats an april fools joke right! The best innovation GM could do in a year was an iPhone app.

    So then that will make using the phone illegal while going 80 mph anyways, lol.
    That was the point!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderStick View Post
    FInd me a good SSD hard drive and I will switch back. They are either dirt *** slow or super expensive. Pick one.. Either way not a good solution.
    Slower than an SD card in the phone?
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    oh, this tread has died a little. just when we were having some fun too...
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    Not phones are the future replacement of CarPCs in my opinion (too small displays, not enough storage) but tablets such as the Archos, Vivids and soon Apple I Tablet, Microsoft also has one ready.

    I think 2010 is a milestone in CarPC history. Let's see how is changing their offering...

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    OK I'll bite:
    Quote Originally Posted by mayhembdm666 View Post
    First of other peoples points:
    Maltz = Emulators.. I have to agree here on the level that there is nothing better then when you are taking a long road trip around australia or a simple baby sitting of kids for a drive from one place to another and the way to entertain them is with games.
    Here Here! +1 for PCs! (although the iPhone does have some really sick games out, you unfortunately need to hold the phone and move it around to play most of them, which won't work well if its all docked up)

    JustChat = Phones+Addons aint a phone... Well by simply having just a phone in your car does give you a few options to an extend. When you start adding additions to the setup like OBD2 and audio interfaces along with external screens and control devices... You in the process of building a car computer that the engine of the system is simply not that of a motherboard/cpu/desktop setup anymore.. But it is still a carpc.. Or carphone which ever you would call it.
    Totally agree, if the phone still needs most or all of the accessories that a PC does to be just as functional in a car setting, then you've really just created a smaller engine for a CarPC. For the cost, (and not to meantion ease of implementation / level of support at the moment), you would probably be better off going with a netbook or laptop and a docking station.

    Premade Double Din Units:
    There is a ever growing market of premade DBL DIN units that simply slide straight in and connect to your speakers/amps and are virtually the basis of a carpc. They allow GPS,Internet,DVD,Mp3,Phone support.. Im not to sure about OBD2 & security tho.. But give it time and im sure they will be additions if not already. Now these systems are stable of course have a pretty fast boot time. I forgot my original point here but i have heard so many people up here talk about these the same as my carpc and are quiet happy with these solutions... Now with a "Select" range of features and solutions that these offer, They are stable and quick to install... 30 Minutes to 2 hours and your good to go.
    Agree here as well, except I'm not sure if any double din head units can do internet yet AFAIK... but definitely worth considering as an alternative, based on the features available for the money and ease of installation...

    Dead Phones:
    If your phone does die for some reason or is stolen or any number of reasons as to why it is no longer docked/connected to your car... Your life is gone and driving is almost unbearable due to the bored setting in.. With a car pc if it is installed right and everything is double checked... There is little chance of any damage happening to the setup as everything is protected and secured correctly including tamper switches. If something does break on your car pc... Simply take a detour to your local pc shop or supplier, By the new but and pop the boot and install it and your back up and running in a matter or minutes. Unless your a pretty good tech and have all the tools and replacements on hand, Your waiting on a replacement phone... And this leads into the cost of replacements.. A good carpc setup with the basic features that a phone will offer come to around the same costs. lets say a ball park figure of $1000 AUD.
    Agreed. I've definitely lost a cell phone before (thank god it was not an expensive one at the time), and many of my friends have lost theirs or broken them in various situations without equipment protection plans. Now, imagine if you lost/broke/or had your phone stolen, and it was the centerpiece/main engine of your CarPC... Even if you had equipment protection, it's very likely that there would be irreplaceable software on the phone that made it work in your application... That is unless you're very meticulous about backing it up. In addition, you'd be out of your in-car functionality until you get a replacement

    Borrowed phones:
    Just a quick one about when someone in your car needs to borrow you phone while you are needing GPS directions. For some less tech savvy people, They dont want to use a hands free and prefer to have the handset against their head with out loudspeaker on.. so if someone wants to borrow you phone to make a phone call for a number of reasons this may mean you need to stop the over process of your car pc or at least your audio/video stream while they make the phone call.
    Another valid point. I can't tell you how many times I relinquish my phone over to my girlfriend while we're in the car for her to either: a) talk to the person that I was just talking to, b) Use blackberry messenger or MSN to talk to her sister (cause she doesn't have a BB yet), or c) to just let her use it because her phone is out of battery, out of signal, or just can't do something that mine can...

    Large Companies Are Doing It:
    I am not just starting to see myself a few larger companies supporting the idea of the carpc. I believe one of these setups is the MyFord Touch with is a join venture from Ford/Microsoft... Tho this is a quick article on it MyFord Touch i am not to sure on the base hardware. I know there are also a few other car manufactures out there who are building cars now with the carpc system and not just a simple phone docking. As pc standards are backwards compatible compared to phones which are slowling coming to a standard.
    Even though that link is fake, this link is real:

    The bottom line is that car manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon of car computing.

    Well i dont understand this one..... LOL.
    I have seen many phones crash due to a simple user input or for many other reasons including bad software/apps or many other reasons like even heat or cold due to being held in the hand or in a room/environment.
    There are so many systems out there that are stable or as stable as any pc of hardware/software setup can be. Even a windows system can be made somewhat stable with the right precautions for the just incases... After all computers is the IT market and have many setups. If the defense networks use a computer for out top most security... then its good enuff for my car.
    Agree here as well... I have definitely seen phones crash a fair amount, especially when trying to do things with them that they weren't originally intended for. As much as PCs?? Probably not... but as the OP said, if you know what you're doing, and do mainly the same things over and over, then most PCs can be made as rock solid as most any phone out there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by firstorbit84 View Post
    Even though that link is fake, this link is real:

    The bottom line is that car manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon of car computing.
    Can't see any phone now or near future doing all of what a decent CarPC can do, more importantly, what it is expected to do functioning as this kind of appliance.

    Btw, those that are toting the banned by law card for the phones as reference to their arguement, expect the same sooner rather than later with most functions in a manufacturer shipped CarPC solution.

    It seems damned near everything is a target of the Nanny state sooner or later. Of course the US gets the front-runner position, but I'm sure the usual strong-arm or hinted at "you should to's" will catch on to other areas soon after. Personal responsiblity, using decent judgement? Never.....Just make a law to ban, punish or criminalize it.

    We just had an article locally putting a spotlight on it, and of course inferring law alterations and manufacturer culpability should some fool decide to watch Jerry Springer on the beltway and take out grandma Jones.
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