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Thread: Dual Screen Laptop

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    Quote Originally Posted by meryan00 View Post
    I'm not saying that I couldn't, I just choose not to. I do quite a bit of travelling and spend way to much time in planes and airports. If I have a all in one with 2 screens it is that much less stuff for me to carry onto the plane(I try to never check my bags). Since space is the issue if I had to carry an extra screen and cable that is space I could use for a weeks worth of socks....
    Take a look at the Mimo 710-S. It is very small, folds up. Thinner than .5 inch. Only uses a micro-usb cable for video and power. One cable. I use the same cable to charge my cell phone, connect my portable USB drives. I lay it in my luggage w/ no problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
    I regularly use laptops imported from Japan/Taiwan/Singapore/Mainland China (sold in the local markets, and brought back) and they are always better looking than their USDM market. Personally I would use the gscreen (I think that is what it is), that has 2 15.4" screens. I do all my work on my laptop including all programming and hardware design. Sometimes I use a second screen plugged in but then I am immobilized. I might as well use my high powered server then. With a dual screen or that gigantic HP thing, I could see more work getting done in a somewhat mobile environment, meaning the couch and not on the airplane.
    I am going to get a G-screen, but seeing as they have said they are a month away from release for about 6 months I finally gave up and just got what was already out. I think the G-screen will have a much better product if it ever makes it to market. If I am at home I work on a nice quad monitor setup but on planes that would be horrible with 3 Mimo-usb screens....

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