Just had to spead the word on my new investment,

First off i've had a laptop in my car for about 5 years now it was a old Dell Lattitute that i'd imagion is 9 years old now. It always had a problem playing wma, bit glitchy - thats how old it is

but it was my little baby and i loved her, but everything ends and i decided to upgrade.
And omg, the new laptop is soooo handy.

I got myself a Dell D410 with a docking station. It has no problem handling CF 3.1 and the best bit is the on-board blue tooth works flawlessly with my iphone! (volumes a bit low, but hey)

I got the mulitimedia docking station and it was so easy to hotwire the on-off controls. Best bit is, it has a headphone jack if you want to link it to your aux in on your headunit. I use an I-mic usb sound card cause i think its the best.

It starts from hibernation in about 15 sec. and the whole lot cost me 200 euro including shipping.

the laptop has 2GB of ram and 2Ghz CPU. VERY quite and the docking station has a battery port so you can have 2 batteries with the setup if you want

So handy to docking it when i want it in the car and undock it when i want it in the dock, no cables to disconnect!!!