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Thread: Macbook pro as carputer?

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    Macbook pro as carputer?

    I have a macbook pro that has a faulty logic board. Everything else works on it so I am considering using it as a carputer. I have a few questions.

    1.Can I use my Carnetix-p1900 to power it?
    2.Can I use the backlit keyboard and mouse still?
    3. How dificult will this be to setup?
    4. Has this ever been done before?

    I already had most everything needed except a motherboard and processor and I found out my macbook pro needs a new logic board so I figured why not use it as a carputer. I would like to mount it in between the center console and the dash.


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    -You can use the P1900 to power it.

    -You can still use the keyboard and mouse but I'm not sure if you mean that you want to use them inside the case or intend to take them out and relocate them. Either way, a bluetooth mouse and keyboard are more convenient.

    -No harder to setup than a Mac Mini but you will have to tell the computer to start or wakeup manually.

    -I recall an iBook setup before. Others have said they would use one but I don't recall any completed installs. Check the "Show off your project" forum for "macbook". There might be one on it.
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    Okay, I have a zotac motherboard and dual core intel processor I set to the side. I may just use those instead. I really want something that is pretty seemless as far as its integration into the car.

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