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Thread: iPad alternative

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    Oh, so many. Yeah the viliv. It could be video compression, but it doesn't even look like 18 bit color. The ExoPC does look better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicarius123 View Post
    With the idea of having a tablet you can take with you as well as run your car entertainment through, what are the options for GPS software under windows? Is there much at all?

    Also would it be possible to run a capacitive touchscreen permanently mounted to the dash, which also USB connects as a second monitor to the tablet?Or would something along the lines of an atom processor not handle two touch inputs well enough?

    Both of these are easy to setup with windows. Check out my sig link, I go through the way I did it on my truck... had everything hooked up to a T or X series laptop... same thing though, permament screen mounted, laptop in the glovebox.

    Now as for running it on a slate... if it's got and OS and a USB, then there are always options. I am honestly amazed at what some people do with these things.

    The touch screen element is probably a large feature that I should be paying more attention to. The "gesture" ability of multi-touch is hands down the best way to go. Very clean, very precise. Don't have to worry so much about touching a certain area or replacing your hands with tiny baby fingers. Something to look into. I wish Apple would do me a solid and go ahead and release the specs on the iPad 2.0.

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    Your setup looks nice.

    I think the main problem is going to be either finding a USB capacitive touchscreen monitor that does both video signal and touch via USB, or a way to run HDMI to some kind of split box that'll send off digital audio and digital video seperately.

    Also finding PC map software with Australian maps that aren't god awful should be fun, plenty of awful Australian maps on many devices out there, and no where near as many choices as for USA maps. So far the only Australian maps I haven't hated have been TomTom, Garmin and Sygic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalenth View Post
    ok ok... First off, anything with a usb in and an os can run a gps. So that issue is solved.

    Mounting harware is a non-issue for people like us. Fairly easy to create, and they can be a fairly small footprint in the dash. Here is one already being made for the ipad:

    as for a replacement for a carpc... It is a carpc. Designed well, and with the support of some software junkies (i know there are some here) i think a modestly powered slate could do everything and more that most users would ever want.

    And finally, as for screen size... I'd probably hook up a 42" plasma to my windshield if it wouldn't get in the way of my reverse camera. bigger can be better.

    I'd like some of those lights in my truck like on that taxi cab quiz show that lights up like an inverted 70's disco floor on my roof.
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    ExoPC have opened a forum for any questions regarding their product for anyone interested.

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    In Austin, the cloud is reality.

    We have city wide availability of 4g Wimax through a company called Clearwire.

    I work in Cell tower data backhaul actually provisioning the circuits this rides on, so I have a bit of informed background in the area.

    We just finished a 3 month project provisioning 880 major carrier 4G towers in Texas, so it's coming, perhaps a good bit quicker than one might expect. As long as you live in the same areas that 97% of the U.S. population does, you will have access to at least 1.5mb d/l and 500kb u/l within the year, I would imagine, but I can't speak to areas outside of Texas.

    Much greater speeds will be available in some areas covered by LTE, and HSPA.

    It's been interesting watching the tablet vaporware appear, get hyped, then disappear as back room meetings about supply chain reality set in and they realize they can't sell something that will be competitive at the iPad's price point now, much less if Apple lowers the price to what they can, (about $300)and still make a profit.
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    Archos 5 Internet Tablet (Android based) with 500 GB Harddisk for MP3s, Movies, Navigation etc. Much cheaper than Ipad. No 3G but you can tether via Bluetooth with your phone or Mifi router with SIM Card.

    See my install here Archos 5 IMT Install

    I am using it since October 2009 and is still the best fit (all-in, ergonomics) after two custom CarPC builds. Get Copilot as Navi which is great.

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    awesome dude. i have a toshiba laptop and bought a 10.4" screen and have been delaying on the install due to having to take stuff apart and then wiring and powering the laptop and monitor. i then considered going archos and was going to redo my dash so taht it is removable and leave the car charger in place(behind the install along with wiring audio to head unit)

    all i really want is music, vids, and GPS and this is the simplest solution. gonna sell my laptop and get some money lol. question tho, which tablet did u go and how is it treating u? wat about the screen clarity in sunlight etc? i just need it to have usb and about 20gb cause i was thinkin bout gettin an external mini harddrive for all the data. thx in advance

    Quote Originally Posted by Nextabyte_Matt View Post
    Allow me to interject, but many of these devices are poor replacements for an actual car PC. 1. They are too big and 2. No car mounting hardware and 3. NO GPS!!!

    After having a failed install with a normal car PC, I decided to go tablet. Lemme see if I cannot interest you with some great tablets I found.

    Clarion Mind
    4.8" touchscreen, 4GB flash memory, GPS, BT, WIFI and only for $150!!!! Also includes car mounting hardware. While it more resembles a GPS device, any OS can be loaded on there and up to a 16GB microSD card can be installed for more storage. Also very hackable.

    Jenson NVX3000PC
    7" touchscreen, 30GB 1.8" HDD, GPS, BT, WIFI, microphone and sells for about $330. While the HW is pretty dated and low-powered, it could make a great carPC with the right OS and FE. This device also comes with all car mounting hardware as well.

    Archos 9 PC Tablet
    9" touchscreen, intel ATOM, WIFI and BT, and 60GB HDD. Equiped with the proper software, this could make for an interesting pad. While no GPS, it could easily be added using the included usb ports. Also the price is pretty reasonable at $540.

    Viliv X70
    7" touchscreen, intel ATOM, WIFI, BT, GPS. The top end of the Intel Atom tablets, it includes all the hardware one would need. Comes with Windows 7 and also has a "cube UI" that may in fact replace a FE entirely. Although the $700 pricetag may be steep, think of what you are getting over the IPAD.

    Now if you are feeling adventurous, there are numerous ARM and embedded devices that are around the $200-$300 range. Ecrater is your best bet for finding these devices in one place. Also many of these devices have free shipping. Not sure how hackable they are, but I am pretty sure you could load some form of linux on them at least.

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    I'm glad I found this thread, as I'm considering a tablet/slate PC instead of a "standard" CarPC. My primary need would be as a music source connected to the aux input on my head unit (no more CD changer), so whatever route I take must have a decent sound chip. Part of me would love to build one of the newer miniITX units (i.e. Asus AT3ION-T Deluxe) but I can't ignore the advantage of also having a portable unit to use for Internet access, e-mail, video, simple documents, etc.. I'm thinking a 7" to 9" unit would be appropriate and I actually love using Windows 7, so Media Center would be fine with me. Since HP finally confirmed that there will be a 9" Windows 7 slate coming soon that might be an option. I agree that the tablet/slate market is not going away soon, so there's a chance that the perfect unit is right around the corner!

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    The Witstech A81E looks like a good 7 inch tablet.

    My only issue with the Android Tablets is that you'd need to use a USB Video converter to connect up a reversing camera.

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