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Thread: Disconnected Wireless Head Unit

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    Disconnected Wireless Head Unit

    I'm starting on my third car PC install. While I have the parts for a traditional install I was thinking that maybe there is a better way. I see the future of car PC as more integrated with the tablets we will all be carrying around.

    I think the idea I have in mind can be accomplished with today's tech, but I'm unsure on a couple of areas.

    Here is what I'd like to do:

    Have the headunit be a tablet PC that I can remove from the car.
    Build a mount for the tablet where the headunit would go.
    Use bluetooth to get information from ODBII, keyboard, etc
    GPS and WiFi on the tablet
    Radio from the tablet.

    Use bluetooth to output audio to a sound processor and amplifiers (this may need to remain connected for sound quality purposes using HDMI, SPDIF, etc)

    One thing I like with my car PC is using the fusion brain and inputs, I'm not sure how those would work in this senerio, probably just USB to start.

    At the point where all the above would be working any tablet should be able to be swapped as the head unit. So if someone else was driving the car they could connect their tablet (with all their music, setting, etc)

    It seems I'm missing something big here, why are more people not doing this?
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    there are people doing this-- search for GizmoQ's installs..

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    I think I'm going to attemp this. It should be more challenging and fun than another basic install. It also feeds my want of a tablet PC.

    Here is the prelim parts plan:

    I already have the following:
    Leviathan Amp
    Dynaudio tweets/mids/midwoof/subs
    Fusion brain
    DAC (3.5 to RCA, might be useful)

    Parts to get
    Tablet PC with Win 7 (I can write code for this platform)
    Mod parts for mounting to car (2007 Mustang GT)
    MiniDSP 2x8 (
    I also have a 3SIXTY.2 that could stand in (looking to sell this)
    Kiwi Bluetooth OBDII (
    Wireless USB bridge (would be nice, but kinda pricey)

    To start I may be pluging a few things in when connecting the tablet until I figure a way to make this quicker. The flexibility of this system is what I really like.

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    Thoughts and Research

    Anybody have experience with wireless USB hubs?

    If I was using a iPhone/iPad I could get CD quality wireless using the W2 from audioengine.
    But I think that is just playing music, not all audio from the device. Then I would need to still figure out connections to my USB devices.

    Overkill, but, I could build a network and use a wireless router to remote into the "base" computer?
    The problem here would be watching any kind of video or playing games over RDP.
    Also i'd have to transfer content to the "base" computer.

    Audioengine does have another option, the W1, but I'd need to power the transmitter with USB.
    And again I still need wireless access to my USB devices...

    So far a W1 and some kind of wireless hub is the best I can come up with.
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    i have one of those wireless hubs.

    it will not work with win7--xp only, i read of issues with 64bit drivers for xp, the range is supposed to be pretty poor, and the last driver update was many years ago, with no new models...

    i played with the idea of using a usb touch screen connected to a wireless usb hub to control my carpc at things like car shows, but in the end, it looks like the 'easiest' solution is to try to build a ad-hoc network and control the setup form something like a ipod touch..

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