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Thread: iPad as monitor only?

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    Exclamation iPad as monitor only?

    Is there a way to run a tablet like the iPad as a monitor only in the vehicle, and normally outside? I want more features on my car-pc than a tablet can offer, but would love to use one of them for the screen.

    Any ideas? I did a search, but nothing really popped up about this.

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    There is a way to use a tablet such as an iPad, iPod Touch, Android, or WebOS device as a touchscreen monitor for Windows based CarPCs. What operating system are you using on your CarPC?

    If you are running WinXP - Win 7, you can use a program like Splashtop, which gives you a remote wifi connection to your PC. We use it for presentations on an HP Touchpad to control our slide decks while providing notes to the speaker.

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