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Thread: acer iconia replaces carpc

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    Can someone set my head straight?
    Why one needs two routers? (sorry, have no experience with anything but just routers)
    If a router is setup as a bridge/repeater then it will get the signal from a hotspot and will broadcast wifi out. Why one needs a second router?

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    Anything with Ddwrt will work. The antennaes can only be used for one thing at a time per setting. The routers can connect to each other wirelessly but then they can't connect to another network device such as a hotspot. If you used a third ddwrt then u could do it where the third connects to the hotspot. You're essentialy seperating the wall portion of the router and repurposing it for the hotspot. Those type of routers connect to cell phone via usb..... If u can do that on your cell.... You have to check the product if its supported. What's your plan?

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    OK. I think, I understand now..
    What I need is to get my media into Android.
    I have a CarPC installed and going to keep it but use it as a file/media server for Android tablet.
    So, need to have a local network and also be able to tether to my cell.

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    The thing I don't understand (and I stated this in another thread) is why you didn't just use cifs support in the tablet and any samba NAS to host your media files on the network. That DLNA setup is needlessly complex, imho.

    Edit: Oh, it's $105, which makes it reasonably priced against most garden NAS solutions...still, it's not the only way, and I think the cifs/samba support results in greater simplicity.

    ....I wonder if it would be possible to do wired ad-hoc to the NAS via USB dongle, and ad-hoc wireless to a cellular phone at the same time? Or maybe you could get away with a single router, bridged in this (or the opposite) config?
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    I have too much time and too little aggravation in my life, so I built a carPC. ;)

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    I have a wireless NAS setup in my vehicle. I use a single TP-Link TL-MR3020 for my routing. I have three profiles setup on it controleed by the mode switch: WiFi Bridge to Car (tethered phone) network, WiFi Bridge to Home Network and AP mode. I primarily use the AP mode as I don't need internet to stream music in the car. Of course, this is all done with custom firmware (OpenWRT). If anyone is interested in this setup hit me on PM. I'll provide as much info as possible. Don't want to hijack this thread and it router configs do not seem to fit


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