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Thread: Tablet in the car

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    Tablet in the car

    I've been thinking about replacing my car PC with an android tablet, but one things keeps me away.

    I am wondering how telephony gets integrated into the whole mix.
    Say I have a tablet in the car. Audio would be hard wired to the 3.5mm audio output into an amp to get music and navigation.

    Now I bring my cell phone into the car (another android device). Can the phone somehow connect to the tablet and do all the telephone functions through the tablet? How is that done? Bluetooth?

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    An app called Tablet Talk can handle SMS and MMS, and it also allows you to make and accept calls from the tablet. It works over WiFi or Bluetooth, whichever you prefer. However, it doesn't actually transfer audio from phone calls to the tablet, so you would need to either use your speakerphone, or connect a bluetooth headset or car kit to the phone. This is a limitation of Android, unfortunately, and so far, nobody has found a way around it. I'm sure it will be implemented into Tablet Talk once it's possible, but there's no telling how long that will take, or if it will ever be possible.

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