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Thread: Have tablets killed the use of CarPCs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by James39 View Post
    Is everyone going to tablets now, or is there some other reason for the reduced interest in this?
    1) The economy took a crap and with it, this hobby seemed to take a bit of a crap
    2) So many cars now, even affordable ones, come with some form of built in infotainment system that syncs up with any popular cell phone
    3) Phone cradles are cheap and easily suction cupped to the windshield
    4) Tablets are cheap and easily suction cupped to the windshield.
    5) People don't care about getting tickets for operating "handheld devices" while driving, so why bother custom building a Car PC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by James39 View Post
    I am curious as to why this carpc thing seems to be dying. Lots of front-end forums that look a lot like ghost towns. Is everyone going to tablets now, or is there some other reason for the reduced interest in this?
    Another perspective is we've pretty much developed solutions for most infotainment/integration functions currently considered worth doing with a CarPC. And because of the great strides we've been able to achieve over the last 20 years, the car makers are now incorporating much of what this community pioneered. The interest hasn't been reduced so much as the solutions are all documented within the community. Everybody knows to search for the functions they want to add and its well enough explained that there aren't many new questions.

    There's little left to do but sit back and watch or tweak what we already have. New skins are still being developed and maintained just not discussed as much. There are some new more obscure functions being developed such as inclinometer, but the user base for that function is minute. I still have two projects that I've been considering, but they are extreme and unique, i.e., a user base of 1 - why discuss it. I know who to contact for help and have no desire to add "noise" to the community so I'll keep it to myself.

    I know there are thousands and thousands of lines of code being developed as we speak if not already done, but it's not as glamorous as new functions/hardware. I've tried on a couple occasions to stimulate threads on RRCode tips and tricks. Chuck, JohnWPB, BlueZX, ElCo, Enforcer, and many other have written beautiful RRCode for all sort of things. But coding is a personal thing. Code sharing is still somewhat taboo. Many plug-in coders, flash coders, etc., have limited the distribution of their code because of a few profiteers ruining the trust of the community. Lastly, fewer and fewer users in the community are coders or electronics hobbyists. I readily admit I can't program flash or C++ and have had to beg/pay others in the community to write programs for me and both times took over a year to find someone and less than a week to get it done. Like many others here, I'm too lazy to go out and learn it for the little that I need it, but I'm a great beta tester.

    Many here realize the Android Tablet is probably the future. But until we can convince the Android Tablet manufacturers to fix some of their integration issues, all we can do is sit back and wait for the few Android hardware/software programmers in the community to solve them. This is another new beginning, i.e., external Fm tuners. But, as with the PC integration 20 years ago - the beginning stages are extremely slow.
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    My take on Android is it's an interesting technology that those interested should try. I had an android head unit for a year, and for the most part it was great feature wise, however I moved to pc to gain features, speed, and flexibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hithere View Post
    Like was said, PC's can do complex audio processing (but so can some off-board processors built for car stereo) and they have, via I/O modules and customization, almost limitless flexibility of application. However, this comes with added cost in time and money.

    I've owned both, for a long while now, and my tablet install is like a breath of fresh air....I would challenge anyone to find a better, more responsive, and accurate display and touch screen for less than $700 for PC, and the requirements for power, mounting, etc. are minuscule compared to the customization work you'll do with that laptop. The options available for nav on a tablet make the PC options look either laughably outdated, or way too expensive and unsupported, imho. That, and although the PC has more functionality in terms of application, you'll go through a ton of work to make it any more useful than a tablet.

    For me, the checklist looks like this, for android functionality: Nav? Check/likely better. Off-board storage, USB or networked? Check. OBD-II? Check. Bluetooth? Sure, what flavor you want? Music browsing and playback? Check. Wireless/Mobile internet? Of course you can. An environment where everything is ready to run in a touch interface? You won't find that on a PC without a lot of work.

    Whereas on PC: Expensive? Check. (Relatively) Difficult to install? Check. Heat/motion problems to overcome? Likely. Large footprint? Likely, but possible to overcome. High power requirement? Likely. Display problems? Depends on how much money you got. Software interface that requires editing .ini's and complex setup procedure? You bet. Startup/Shutdown issues? Likely.

    All of this. EXACTLY.

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