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Thread: MS Surface Pro 2

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    I'm currently running a Surface RT in my 2002 Maxima. I have the base of the mount in the dash but I'm still working on the trim bezel. If and when I ever finish that part of it, I'll be sure to post pics. The RT version is MUCH easier to mount but very limited due to the lack of apps. Easier to mount due to the fact that the charging port and usb port are on the same end. So when I slide my RT into the mount, the charging port and usb ports are fixed at the bottom allowing connectivity to power and to the 7 port powered usb hub mounted behind it in the dash. Beyond the hub I am running 1 non-powered 4 port usb hub (basically for low current usb thumb drives), 3 laptop hard drives (salvaged from past carpc's) and a usb audio adapter to get my optical signal to the Audison Bit-One. So far the only major problem I've run into is that the cheap cases I bought for the hard drives. One of the drives seems to always work. But the other 2 are completely random. Some days they all power up beautifully, others, I may have to remove them and slide them back into their respective dock.

    I'm looking into the SP2 as an upgrade. But I'm still working out the kinks of docking it in portrait mode as the usb and charging connections are at opposite ends. Considering it took me 4 tries to get the power connector to line up perfectly with every mount on the RT, I'm really not looking forward to rebuilding another dock. But then again, I think it's the build that I enjoy the most. Otherwise... why would I keep changing everything? LOL

    As soon as I make the decision about the SP2 vs my RT, I'll finish it off and get some build pics up.

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    Does anyone have suggestions for getting Surface Pro 2 to power up when the ignition key is turned?

    My current CarPC is a laptop that I opened up and soldered some wires to the power button, but I'm guessing that's not going to be practical with a Surface.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas...

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    mabee wake from/on usb...are you using any steering wheel joycon?

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    I don't have joycon... can it to configured to send a wakeup command when power comes on, or do you have to press a button every time?

    I've been using this:

    The nice thing is that it's hands-free, but the drawback is that it requires soldering, and that is only going to get more difficult as time goes on. Smaller components, packed tighter and tighter...

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    havent posted in awhile. i got this in my car now. got the docking station running to an inverter.

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    Mickz, I have a honda accord as well and I have to say I feel extremely jealous of your setup. I'd only dream I could have a portrait display with the hvac displayed under from the screen. Right now I've considered the metra climate control which I plan to fiberglass under in the storage compartment area along with a single din HU. This should leave me all the room I need above where the radio/hvac is to custom mold any monitor or tablet. Your setup could quite likely have the same look as a tesla HU. Sick!...

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