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Thread: help with automagic on android for switching on music!

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    help with automagic on android for switching on music!

    Hi Guys,

    Well I am finally going to try to install my nexus 7 in my 1995 dodge ram after my cassette crapped out on me lol. I already got an amp to run the speakers but I want something specfic to happen when i start the car. I alredy have tumir's usb rom on my nexus and I am trying to get automagic to work. What i want it to do is turn on and great me. I already have a mp3 file of a british lady welcoming me to my car. I want to use Audio Glow to play it. Auido Glow is just a cool display app that has a play button on it that launches any kind of mp3 player and has some cool sound bars going up and down. What I need to do is just have Automagic press the play button. So far i have it set up that once it receives power it wakes up from deep sleep-then it turns on wifi-the scren-it then starts a mp3play app then it starts audio glow. but the only issue i have is i have to press the play button once the power is applied to the tablet. Does anyone know of an mp3 player app that plays instantly when it is opened that i can have audio glow open? Or is there a way with Automagic to have it press play inside the MP3play app?

    Any help would be much appreciated as I am a total newb!

    Thank you!

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    Tasker is overkill for your request but you might want to look into it anyways as it can automate nearly anything and you'll probably be wanting to do some more advanced stuff eventually anyway.

    specifically use the action type Alert > Notify Sound to play the MP3 based on whatever rules you want...
    or you could have Tasker even call the Audio Glow app with a certain intent to tell it to "press the play button" - but only if the app was designed with a receiver for that type of interaction (what's an Android intent?)

    EDIT - sorry i didn't realize that Automagic was kinda like Tasker - if it can send intents then you just need to find if Audio Glow has a receiver for a play intent, look at apps like Package Explorer or Intent Intercept to try and find that out, or just email the Audio Glow developer! most developers are willing to help out with reasonable requests.
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    Thank you very much for responding to my inquery. It seems like i am gettig a little overwelmed with some of the intents and custom actions. Would you advise any easier way i could achieve this? I basicly want the tablet to power up during engine start with power to the usb. then run a program like audio glow with a cool interface and play either 1-3 different pre recorded mp3s greating me. after that switch to another app like a car dashboard. i have everything set up but i just cant get it to play automaticly. thats why i was wondering if there was an app that would start playing a playlist on startup.

    any other easier non technical ideas would help.


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