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Thread: Windows Tablet (asus vivotab) as car PC - Switching on with igntion

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    Windows Tablet (asus vivotab) as car PC - Switching on with igntion

    I want to try to setup my 2nd car pc using a Asus vivotab windows 8.1 tablet

    It as USB charging with OTG. Plan to use windows 8.1 as the front end with xbox music , maybe sygic as navigations (or maps Pro). Fix a USB hub to the OTG.

    Any ideas how I can wire it to switch on with the Car ignition? Are there any programs like android tasker?


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    I would imagine that the tablet is power aware, meaning it knows when power is applied and when not.
    In the control panel you can change the behavior of the tablet in the power schemes.

    that way you need to hook up your power source to the ignition and your done
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    Use the intelligent DC-DC converter from the MP3car store, and wire the PC start function into a relay, using its contacts to simulate a power on button press. You will have to crack the case to bring the power button contacts out.

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