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Thread: Looking to buy a tablet

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    Looking to buy a tablet

    I am just getting into all of this. I had a cheapo Digiland DL701Q $50 tablet that I am using just to make sure this will work out for me. I installed Car Home Ultra and a few other apps and am now hooked!
    This tablet works ok but I get occasional crashing, slowness and most of all the viewing angle on this tablet sucks.
    I am looking at something to replace it and really don't want to spend over $150 if I can help it. I notice a lot of people use the nexus or Galaxy, I am brand new to android so I don't know a whole lot about them.
    I think I want either the Galaxy tab 4 7" or the Nexus 7. I found a Galaxy tab 2 for cheap but I don't know if that would be any better than what I have.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to mainly use GPS, streaming and local music, OBD, stuff like that.


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    You can get a Windows Tablet for what you want and you can use it with anything you want.

    A couple of us have had good luck with the Microcenter Tablets. They have a 7" tablet for well under $100 and the 8" goes onsale for $100 at times. Worth a look atleast. I have the 8" tablet and it is pretty nice especially for what I paid for it.

    Has a standard USB port for connecting normal USB stuff and has a seperate mini USB for charging purposes. mine also has a mini-HDMI if you wanted to hook an external monitor to it at a later time. The 4 core Atom processor is pretty snappy for what it can do.


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