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Thread: Perfect Tablet

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    This whole thread reminds me of this

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    Quote Originally Posted by revorg
    This whole tread reminds me of this
    That's pretty good, We should get one of those!

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    that's great.

    Choose your forum carefully
    Web and IRC forums directed towards newbies often give the quickest response
    As a second step, use project mailing lists
    Use meaningful, specific subject headers
    Make it easy to reply
    Write in clear, grammatical, correctly-spelled language
    Send questions in formats that are easy to understand
    Be precise and informative about your problem
    Volume is not precision
    Don't claim that you have found a bug
    Grovelling is not a substitute for doing your homework
    Describe the problem's symptoms, not your guesses
    Describe your problem's symptoms in chronological order
    Describe the goal, not the step
    Don't ask people to reply by private email
    Be explicit about the question you have
    Don't post homework questions
    Prune pointless queries
    Don't flag your question as Urgent, even if it is for you
    Courtesy never hurts, and sometimes helps
    most can be applied here and are truly are great guidelines.

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    Don't post homework questions

    all that came to mind was Boris
    RIP 1993 civic sedan
    RIP 1993 civic Del Sol

    Hello! VW Golf 1.8t

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