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Thread: laptop shutdown question

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    laptop shutdown question

    I am about to do a laptop install and had questions about startup/shutdown.

    I was just going to solder wires to the power button, is that achieved by soldering to the two metal rails that the power button sits on in most laptops. I assume the button completes the circuit between them, is that right?

    For shutdown, i was just going tell the laptop to standby when mains is lost, and the internal battery can run it for 2 mins while it suts down. Prob is i want a USB HDD, and i was going to power that from a standalone carnetix, but i want that to stay on while it shuts down, in case anything needs to be written. Is there a way i can get the HDD (through a PSU, any suggestions) to stay on for like 2 mins?
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    Wire a transistor either through the power LED or the 5v on a usb port and drive a relay to power the usb hard drive.

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