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Thread: No Sound, Laptop wont boot.

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    No Sound, Laptop wont boot.

    So im working on a carputer. I have settled with testing it out with my laptop and a monitor. If I like it I will upgrade the soundcard in the laptop, or upgrade to a real computer.

    When the USB (Lilliput Monitor) is plugged into my laptop it willnot boot up, it wont get past the system check(RAM, CPU, whatnot). I made sure that the computer does not boot from removable disks and all that but it just wont boot.

    My computer looses sound. Im using FrodoPlayer, with the LilliPut. I thought it happened on my PC and Laptop but my pc was just me being stupid, but the laptop still has no sound.

    Kinda a bummer that it wont work with my Laptop. I have searched around and Cant seem to find anything. Seeing as searching for No Sound and Lilliput will bring up every thread ever created.

    Thank you for your help. BTW I am pretty I am usually good with computers and it baffles me that a USB device will cause the comptuer to not BOOT.

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    Disconnect the touchscreen, boot the laptop and enter the BIOS. Disable USB boot. It's likely a different setting then booting from removable devices.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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