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Thread: Laptop CarPC people respond!

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    Laptop CarPC people respond!

    How do you power up and down your laptop carpc on car on and off? Thanks!

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    Power Up: Press the power button. (You may want to extend it from the laptop's motherboard)
    Power Down: Go to Start --> Shut Down --> Shift+H to Hibernate or U to Turn off
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    Startup: Have a switch in my dash wired to the power switch on the laptop. Press it to turn on, or resume from standby or hibernate.

    Shutdown: Press switch to go to standby(or off depnding on settings). Or when I turn my car off power is cut and I have it set to go to standby 6 minutes after it loses external power.

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    Try a DSSC for startup.

    Shutdown is automatic via power settings as others have noted.

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    is it difficult to wire a switch from the button on the motherboard? Im a newb

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    Search the forums. Someone posted a good guide for their laptop complete with photos. It should be similar for any laptop.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I use a full opus 150 setup with my laptop board.... starts it & shuts it down.... powers all my accy.'s & usb with room to grow...... a little overkill, but I had it from my previous install....

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    I read somewhere that it is possible to set some notebooks to 'wake on ring' and use a hacked phone cable plugged into the modem port. Shutdown would be set on loss of external power.

    A quick search for 'laptop wake on ring' got me:
    Laptop Statup/Shutdown/standby/hibernate question
    Remotely startup laptop...? (wake on lan)??
    Auto-On Laptop?

    There are more...but the above should give you enough to get started.

    personally, I think the wake on USB option sounds interesting. Plug in a trackball & press a button to start the laptop. Depends very much on the capabilities & bios of your laptop.
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