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Thread: Help on laptop please

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    Help on laptop please

    I am looking at picking up a laptop, it is a toshiba satellite a few years old I guess. PIII 750 mhz 20Gig HD, DVD drive only 128 mb Ram ( I would upgrade to 256 )
    I just want it to run GPS, and play DVD's through it and hold som eMP3s but not that many.
    I can get it for $250
    It says on the specs it has 2 usb ports but says they are 1.0 I have only seen 2.0 USB ports, will I not be able to run my devices through these ports, gps mouse and touchscreen ?

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    usb 1 is fine for gps and touchscreen
    but you could add usb 2 pc card to lappy

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    I'd suggest spending a little more and getting a better laptop. Believe me, once you get it in the car and working, you'll want more. That CPU might not be enough to play divx movies.

    USB 2.0 is a must if you want to relocate the DVD drive to somewhere more accessible.

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    250 for the top is a decent price for a laptop, but for what i think you'd want, it depends on the actual specs. Since its toshiba, there's a good chance it will be a desktop CPU. If it is, stay away. Toshibas are prone to overheating when in regualr environments. Imagine a car. There's a class action lawsuit against them. If you're willing to spring for something better, check my signature.

    Go for a mobile processor. They're lower voltage and don't burn up as easily. Plus, their rated Mhz are decieving when compared desktops as laptop's chipsets are different. They get more bang for the Hz.

    As for USB, 1.1 is fine for what you're saying. I would put the touch, GPS, and mouse on a hub and a USB soundcard, best idea, on the second port. If you need another port, wire it from the other hub. If you're doing EXTERNAL DVD, audio processing, or external drives, you'll want 2.0, as b8bboi said.
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