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Thread: P1900 + Dell Laptop and docking station

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    I fixed it

    Reposting from carnetix forums again:

    I figured out what the problem was. It wasn't anything with the P1900. Dell's older laptops have a 3 prong plug, The Inspiron 8100's used a 70W Power supply, and the 8200's use at 90W power supply. Both of these laptops can use the same docking station, but the docking station requires 90W also. The 70W power supplies only have 2 of the 3 pins wired. Ground and power. The 90W supplies have a power line, and 2 grounds. I guess that is how dell can determine the difference between 70W and 90W.

    I didn't want to mangle my 90W power cable, so I used an older 70W one, not knowing there was a difference in the cable. Once I cut the end off of the 90W supply and connected it to the P1900, the laptop booted right up with no errors.

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    I always wondered why they had 2 grounds in a 3 pin plug on the older dells....

    these older dells will run on pretty much anything give or take a volt.... the newer ones have a communication & will not charge the battery by just supplying voltage alone... I though about useing a carnetix with my dell install,, but was concerned about this......

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