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Thread: Laptop question: Easy slide dock possible?

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    Laptop question: Easy slide dock possible?

    Heres the deal. I want to get a aopen pandora computer for my car, and a laptop for school. But my money it tight and only have enough for one. So I figured if I can find a laptop that is very easy to slide in and out of a dock with out to much effort, I would be looking good. Im not to worryed about the size of the laptop, because I know own a mazda3 and I can fit a child in the glove box.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The problem with making such a dock is all of the ports you need have to be on the same side. So power, audio, maybe video if you're planning on that. If so, it shouldn't be too difficult to fabricate something. You might also look into a port replicator, which would make it much simpler with only a single plug to mate.

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    You need a laptop with a docking station.
    Be prepared for some sticker shock. You're usually getting a higher-end laptop to have that gunctionality and the docking station is always an added-cost accessory.
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    don't buy a laptop before you price the matching docking station. some people have had problems finding reasonably priced docking stations for HP laptops. If you choose to buy a laptop and docking station, I'd suggest you start your search with Dell.

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