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Thread: Will most laptops power on without battery?

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    My HP Pavilion zt-1135 WILL power up from the adapter without a battery installed (or with a dead one). I agree that something else is wrong.

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    I had a few old sony laptops that had the same problem.. they all had bad bios batterys.. unsoldered the stock one.. had to search to find these weird special batteries and found them in germany.. 7 bux a piece.. a week and a half later I had 3 working laptops.. give it a shot..

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    I checked the that, it's at 2.something v which is lower than that of a desktop but it is different battery and I'm not sure what the voltage should be. I completely pull the thing apart and there is nothing obviously damaged. I may look into both batteries a bit more. I can also get the power button board for pretty cheap, may try one of those. I don't think I can get a mobo for this thing for less than $100 and if I end up needing that, I'll just part it out on ebay.

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