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Thread: P1900 with laptop

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    P1900 with laptop

    Hi everyone, Ive hooked up my p1900 to my laptop as per image, the red led goes on and the p1900 seems fine. However neither my laptop or monitor are receiving power. I have secondary set to 12v but still nothing. Any ideas.
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    Check to see if the ACC line gets power all the time. Sometimes if the IGN line gets power but there is no main power yet it looks on, but never startied sending power. (ie. you connected the IGN when installing, and then the power and it entered some odd-state)

    Give it a try, im not 100% on it

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    Thanks.. turns out my stereo loom battery cable died. So I connected straight to battery and it powered up. You were right, it looks on connected to the ACC line, even without main power but it wasnt. Works great now

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