Hi everyone.

I am a newbie at car pc and i just want some advice on laptop installs. please can you share you laptop install please. I have a few problems i'd like to share and hope one day i will finish my project, with your help of cause...lol

This is the kit i have;

Fujitsu siemens laptop E Series P4 - s-video and vga outputs
ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics card

Centurion DVA-320S2 multimedia player with RCA input

2 Centurion 7" LCD screens (these screens has wierd inputs used by player)

300w inverter (works great)

i have a slight problem with connecting my laptop to the dvd player. in the diplay settings my ATI card cannot detect my screens. i was able to use tv out in my house using my tv, then run to my car and plug my dvd in....works great. i put help thread in asking for help on this and walky_talky20 was there with good responce. He said to put a earth wire around my connectors.

the computer will only connect when earth is inside connector, but is drawing signal away?? if i take out earth wire and connect it works.

These screens cannot handle 32bit colour?? when selected the screen goes off.

I am using s-video cable from the laptop with a s-video converter to RCA then a rca cable into my player. this is the only input of the player and there in no options on the player to change anything to do with inputs.

I would love to sort this problem and any advice is cool.



BTW >>Roadrunner is a class front end!!!!!