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Thread: Advice needed - Laptop standby recovery

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    dont sorry...all sorted.

    cheers again

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    Another option, one that I'm going with so there is no need to push the button to bring it out of standby when the car is started, is the bottom schematic of the three at this post Schematics/Pin Outs/Diagrams It should be the One Shot Circuit. just attach the two leads of the power switch to the top two points in that circuit. When the car is started it will short the two leads (just like pressing the momentary switch) which will bring the laptop out of standby without any 'manual' intervention. After the quick short, it will go back to normally open (like the button isn't pushed) and won't do anything again till the next time the car is started. :-)

    I edited the schematic (I'm at work so it's in paint so it's kinda crappy) to hopefully help with an illustration...

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