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Thread: Should I buy this laptop?

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    Should I buy this laptop?

    Ita a ibm thinkpad with p3 500mhz 128mb ram 16bit sound and i think 4mb video. its 225 with docking station and port replicator. Should i buy it? My main concern is if its gonna b lagging and freezing while running gps and mp3s ect. Oh its on windows xp also(completely wiped out)

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    You'll definitely need some more RAM if you want to run XP at a decent speed. The processor is on the low end for XP as well, but it should be OK with enough RAM and a fast enough hard drive if you aren't doing anything thats really intensive.


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    I used to run iGuidance on a 600mhz laptop, and didn't like it. For $225, it's not worth it.

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    no. For about $270 more, you can get a brand new Dell Pentium M laptop. Just look for deals.

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    You have PM

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    I got the laptop... it has xp and its pretty fast, Im on it now. Im upgrading the ram to about 256+internal 64. Im not gonna do anything but run gps,mp3s,dvd. Nothing serious. But if its not fast enough ima go with windows 2000 which would run much faster. Plus this is the beginning of the carputer. I will most def make revisions once i learn more and get extra money. It starts! lol

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