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Thread: wiring up laptop

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    wiring up laptop

    creating this thread was my last resort, i search but nuttin helpful.

    questions i have....

    how to wire up my laptop
    -powering it
    -wiring my stock speakers to it

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    Since you didnt post anything specific to your make/model laptop and wether or not you have an amplifier in the car...
    -Get an auto/air style universal laptop power supply from eBay
    -read the how to threads on here as to hooking up the sound. Its the same on all carputers.

    Read all the faq's here:
    Attention Newbies! A FAQ to the FAQs
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    thx ^

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    i'm reading but i still cant find out how to wire up my stock speakers to my laptop,

    i have a 04 rsx, the laptop is a HP, i cant seem to get a model numbrer but, it only seems like it has a socket for headphones...

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    And this cable has a headphone jack on one end and RCA jacks on the other:

    Click on the photo and it will whisk you away to the store where you can purchase said cable.
    I think you know where the headphone jack goes. The RCA jacks go to your headunit with aux-in or amplifier.

    What? No aux in or amplifier? Look into a casette adapter.

    What? No casette player? Look into an FM modulator. Wired ones produce better sound quality, but none of them produce very good sound quality.

    Keep reading the FAQs. You have much to learn.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    You may beable to purchase a CD changer port to RCA adapter with an item like this
    but that depends what kind of head unit you have. Then make many different brands of these adapters, ya just gotta search for them.

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