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Thread: Laptop Modding for Car

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    Laptop Modding for Car

    Alright...Ive been ing and ing and havent found what I'm looing for...I have an old laptop thats falling apart...keyboard busted, screen gets fuzzy and sound card is kinda crappy but i got an audigy which makes sound golden. I wanna rip apart the laptop and jus use the internals and use external wireless keyboard when needed. I wanna throw into a plexi case and its small enough for the center console or behind the dash (not sure which i want yet) has anyone just used the motherboard/harddrive/ram/opticaldrives from a laptop and had it output to a vga touchscreen with usb wireless keyboard? I know computers but I only got one laptop and I dont wanna just go tearing into it without having some idea of what to do! Thanx for understanding the noob! If anyone knows any writeups or articles regarding this I'll owe ya!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    As for your question of making a custom case for a laptop....I would personally pull off the screen and use the laptop like that. I've pulled many laptops apart and they are rather delicate outside of their specific case. Plus Wranglers haven't exactly been known for the smoothest keeping the orig case would make it a bit more durable if mounted properly.

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    I've just done the "rip apart the laptop" think and I have litterally just put it back together. So much easier to install it in it's original casing.

    But if you want a more waterproof option then installing it in a "pelican" cas e works well...
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    What they said

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    I am just running the board out of my old Toshiba Sattelite laptop. I just made a case out of 1/8" wood and it works great, I have been running it like this for a year now.

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