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Thread: Would you use this 'extra' laptop as a carputer?

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    Like I said before I think it will do a job but the video he wants it isn't going to come close too.
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    I just checked out the specs on the Inspiron laptop (actually I'm typing on it now). Let me know if this changes any previously stated concerns....

    First, it is actually a PIII 600 MHz processor not 500 as I first thought.


    As for video, it has the "ATI Rage Mobility-P with TV out" installed, which is at least an 8MB card, maybe 16MB. I think that b/c it comes with a swappable drive bay CD-ROM, ZIP Disk, DVD-ROM, that they built it to handle DVD but I could be wrong.

    Video type 64-bit (128-bit hardware-accelerated) AGP
    Video controller 8- or 16-MB ATI Rage-Mobility P AGP
    Video memory 8- or 16-MB 125-MHz SGRAM
    LCD interface 65-MHz LVDS
    TV support NTSC or PAL in S-video and composite modes
    Maximum resolution/colors 32-bit*
    *The video controller supports SXGA (1280 x 1024) and UXGA (1600 x 1200) display resolutions on external monitors that support these resolutions.


    The Sound is handled by an ESS Technology Maestro-2E whatever that is...

    Audio type Sound Blaster Pro-compatible voice and music functions, HRTF 3D positional audio, hardware wavetable
    Audio controller ESS Technology Maestro-2E
    Conversion 16-bit (stereo analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog)
    Hardware wavetable synthesizer wavetable synthesizer 64-voice


    PCI bus, microphone, dual stereo speakers


    microphone in, line-out, and line-in connectors
    Internal speaker amplifier 1.0-W total (0.5 W for each speaker)
    External microphone input voltage range 280 mV peak-to-peak
    Line/audio input voltage range 2.8 V peak-to-peak
    Controls keyboard commands, button, and application program menus


    I can get the OEM 8X DVD-Rom drive for under $30 on eBay and about the same for the docking station. I'd rather spend $60 than $600 if this laptop will do for now. Obviously I could put together a better system, but for MP3, NAV, and occasional DVD playback I am hoping this will do.

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    you'll just need to do a fresh operating system install, and for DVD playback try to minimize the number of applications running in the background, skip any type of antivirus, etc... no wifi... DVD playback is a chore for those older systems, it can still cause newer systems to choke...

    you still have to get a screen, VGA extension cables, USB extension cables, the GPS... I'm not sure the docking station is as necessary as you might think... it is one more link in the chain to not work right, you still have to come up with a way to boot/shutdown the system...

    the problem with the docking station and dvd drive is that they aren't on your final plan, so they are "money out the window"... you will always regret a system that doesn't meet your expectations... look for used pieces in the for sale forum and see what you can do with very little money... even if you do just use the laptop, you still have a few expenses ahead of you...

    ebay screen $190
    cables $40 to 50
    power wire $20 to 30
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