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Thread: Can I use a Laptop?

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    Can I use a Laptop?

    Ok I'm totally new to the carpc thing but would like to see what is possible. I have a Dell inspiron and was wondering if that can be used in an install. Then my other question is: Is there any way to set up a laptop with GPS and use it in the car? Thank you for any info that you can offer. I tried the search but didn't find out what I was really looking for.

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    are you sure you searched long enaugh? I'm sure more people here use laptops in their cars....

    but YES you can use a laptop in-car and YES you can use GPS with it.
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    Yeah, theres a lot of stuff here about people using laptops as well as gpss. Gps is easy just get microsoft streets and trips and thats everything you need right there. A laptop, tho not used by the majority of people, should be relatively easy to install/ mount.

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    I'm using a laptop for this. Works just like a normal carpc.
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    Search more than 5 seconds next time.

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    I certainly used one

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    Its not really difficult to find info about this, but yes you can use a laptop.
    I'm using one and if you search this site you can also find out how you can automaticly start your laptop when you start your car so you never have to take your laptop out of your car again.. and that kind of stuff

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