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Thread: Dell Smart Plug - Laptop Power

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    if your installing the laptop permanently, then the battery doesn't even need to be there at all, let alone charge....

    some guys who do laptops will want to just have a docked solution though, & when they pop the laptop out to use it as a laptop is where this will come into play....

    for the most part, I personally think a parmanent install, or a dedicated car machine, is the best way to go, but everyone has there own idea of what they think is best...

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    Wiring issue

    I am doing a Dell Inspiron 8500 and it will be permanet. I do not care about the battery, but I do need some help with power. I am going to go with the "brick" as you are calling it, but I need help getting power to it. Can I run off the remote wire from my amp, or do I need to go directly to the battery. Also, any suggestion on shutdown? I found on here the device one of the members makes and bought it, but it is only for start up. Thanks for your help. By the way, the info you guys have in here is nice, thanks again.

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