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Thread: software autostartup for laptop idea

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    software autostartup for laptop idea

    This is an idea that has been bothering for some time and I'm just going to post it to see if one of the knowledgeable programmers out there thinks this is possible. I've seen a couple variations of software based laptop shutdown controllers. They work rather well and can force the computer to hibernate when ac power is cut off.

    Now is it possible to develope a resident program that runs in the background that monitors if the AC is connected. I ask this because when I plug my thinkpad in, the power light changes from yellow to green meaning it's charging. Also, when I plug it in, the taskbar shows that ac is connected. So, is it possible to write some kind of script/macro that turns your computer on from hibernate (probably wont work from a cold start) when you plug in the power?

    What is really strange is my old dell 8100 desktop will turn on without hitting the powerbutton when you plug it in and there is no startup shutdown controller.

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    That might be a BIOS feature. I would dig around in the BIOS settings and see if you can find something.
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    my toshiba has a great feature that im in love with.

    when in hibernation, i simply have to open the laptop's lid and it turns on.
    sadly, it doesn not do this from a cold power off, only from hibernation.
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