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Thread: DWW-750FM problems

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    DWW-750FM problems

    Hi guys,

    My car pc is all up and running, got a few teathing problems with the hibernation and the touchscreen not always working and today I was trying to sort them out.

    Changed the pc to switch off when the ignition is off instead of hibernate.

    Next time i switched it on to load RR instead of media engine, the touchscreen wont be recognised by the pc at all.

    It detects its connected but only as an unknown device.
    Ive restarted, unplugged and replugged in the usb touch screen and also unplugged all the power and retried...same problem.

    Does anyone have any ideas what could resolve this problem???? It worked fine one minute then stopped then next?

    The model is the DWW-750FM.

    Chhers guys.


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    Ok, the strangeness continues, I got in my car this morning, all booted up as normal, and the touchscreen works fine. I got to the office, and it all powered off as normal.

    Got in the car at lunch time, switched on the ignition, windows started and the touch screen doesnt respond???? any ideas???

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    I have this same problem DWW-700M :S I have not found a solution yet.. :S

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    Got a solution to mine....poor earth for the PC.

    Sorted a new earth location, and all has worked fine ever since!

    Hope that this helps

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    what does that mean?

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    Guessing he means "ground"

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