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Thread: eonon 7" auto on?

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    eonon 7" auto on?

    hi all,
    i just got my eonon 7" touchscreen off of ebay (
    and it seems like a great moniter, installed with no problems at all, and everything works great, so i went ahead and molded it in the dash, but before i put it back in the car, i'd like to get it to auto-on when it gets power. does anyone know how to this with these moniters? i did search by the way, lol


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    YOu will probably need a shutdown controller that can simulate a button press to accessory items. And will also probably require some soldering to the power button on the screen.
    Screens that offer this feature are able to turn on and off when it recieves a vga signal from your computer.
    Yours doesnt do this. Sorry
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    so, i just got an email back from eonon, and they verified that there is no auto-on feature with my moniter do you think the coyote mod would work with my moniter, and if so, what are the detailed steps in performing it. any help is appreciated.

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