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Thread: xenarc 700TSV cable question

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    xenarc 700TSV cable question

    I didn't realize in advance but the 700TSV has a 20 pin DFP connector. From what I understand, that's typically a digital only connection. Is that the case with this monitor?

    What I am getting to is I want to buy a vga cable and get an adaptor (if such a thing exists) too hook this up.

    No i don't have the xenarc supplied cable, but I suppose if it comes down to it, I'll order one. that means more painful days to wait, though!

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    I found a pinout - Some Xenarc/Gain 700TSV pinout data

    looks like audio and USB is in this 20 pin connection too. So either i do some serious soldering or I get the xenarc cable.

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