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Thread: Xenarc issue

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    Xenarc issue

    Hey guys..

    This happened to me last summer and I thought it was a heat issue, but I currently have my Xenarc 700TR on my desk doing some testing with my new carputer and when I turned it on, it gave me a nice bright white screen with nothing els. I couldn't see the POST and I couldn't get the OSD to show.

    I tried turning it off and then back on and it is still white.

    However, when I disconnect the DC and connect it again, the image is fine.

    Any ideas as to what might be causing this? It can't be the ribbon cable since it corrects when the DC is cycled...


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    not sure why, however this happened to me on a different screen. it happened when i had too much pressure on the middle of the back of the unit (pushing on the mount). freaked me out and i thought i lost it. i opened it up to see what broke, didn't find anything, put it back together, and it worked fine.

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