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Thread: Laptop LCD: dimmer screen at night

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    Laptop LCD: dimmer screen at night

    Ok, this is the complete opposite of "sunlight readable."

    Has anyone found a utility for WinXP that renders the entire screen dark red and very dim to preserve night vision?

    I've found that even at the dimmest setting, the LCD is very distracting at night. Even more so when driving in rural areas where there are no street lights. The option of course is for a piece of neutral density theatrical lighting gel or a piece of acrylic, but I'd rather have it "built-in." There are astronomy programs that have this feature in the app themselves, but not a standalone little app that works system-wide.

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    I am interested in something similar myself...
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    For a laptop?

    Try a theme that is very dark. I use a hacked one called "royale noir". It's out on the web, try google.

    Then, use the built in brightness control of the comp itself to lower the brightness. Mine has a keyboard shortcut by using FN and F6 to lower it, F7 to raise it.

    Other than that, dunno.......



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    There's themes, but the brighter portions of the screen is still very distracting.

    Anyway, I'd ask the mods to lock this thread as I've posted in the GammaControl thread: [Release]: GammaControl v2.4

    as that's the closest app I can find to do what I want!

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