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Thread: Looking for 10" wide and touchscreen

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    Looking for 10" wide and touchscreen

    Hi all,

    this is my first post in the forum, sorry if this question is on every second week, but i didn't really find answer... So i'm starting new project on car, and i'm looking for 10" wide-touchscreen. I'm intrested ~400$ costs panels, or i will choose 8" version... Is there in markets some other screens than what i find in and

    Btw, first i will build the carpc in 3 years old laptop, acer travelmate 540, which i get for free from work... Or should i say i take it, not get it... Pentium 2.8 M, 512 Mt mem, 40 GB (or 80GB if i want to change it to my usb-hdd), Wlan, bluetooth, Radeon 9200 64MB, bad battery but it doesnt matter at all.. Sounds ok to me...

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    ...I think there is some kind of moral reason as to why you shouldn't acquire your car computer from work

    however, if you're looking for a good 8-10" Touchscreen - you can pick one up on the cheap at ebay stores. i got mine for $197 shipped from this guy

    Don't expect to be blown away by a super bright daylight display...but that's what you can expect from a touchscreen monitor. read the forums on stuff like - brighter touchscreen - etc to find out just how many people think the brightness of these monitors could be better, well during the day at least
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