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Thread: 7" motorised XGA & DVD combi

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    7" motorised XGA & DVD combi


    At the risk of this being asked before........ there such a beast as a combined 7" in-dash display and DVD drive (in a single DIN unit) ?

    I know you can get in-dash DVD players, that have 7" motorised screens, so I don't see why you can't have a 7" motorised XGA display with a DVD drive.

    Don't want to have to mount a laptop style external USB drive somewhere. Nor do I want to have to gain access to the PC/laptop which may be under the seat, in the boot, etc.

    Anyone come across such a beast ?



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    There could be, but there isn't.

    There's probably no reason you can't do that (though it would be expensive) but i think the market for that is even smaller than the market for in-dash VGA LCD's, which is small enough already

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    looks like this question from a few days ago:

    and at that topic i pointed to the following item which should be released late april:

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