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Thread: I Wonder...If any of this might help the rest of YOU?

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    I Wonder...If any of this might help the rest of YOU?

    Well, after a lot of searching, no feedback and bouncing of ideas off a friend or two, I came full circle and was laughing my @$$ off at the simplicity.

    I finally came across this thread Making the RGB signal stronger? and was lucky enough to post a little more on what I had for an LCD.

    Well, Lucky for Me, this particular LCD app has all the circuitry built right into the mobile monitor. Seems someone had already thought all of this out before.

    I used the RCA's as an output before and never ACTUALLY read the fact that they are INPUTS as well. Well, they're bi-directional. That paired up with a ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9800 Pro gave me just a simple plug and play.
    Here's a couple pics.

    Powerstrip gave me the ability to re-adjust the resolution to much smaller, but I didn't have to really. Catalyst displayed everything wonderfully, unless I wanted to read anything.

    Heh, Lucky, Huh? No cutting/soldering/griping required!

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    I think what you are using is just simply Component Video input. Most PSOne modded on this site talking about RGB input. With Component video, you can't really see text on GPS screen. With RGB, you can read it well and that is what we try to archive.
    There are a few place you can get pinout for PSOne screen. The 2 screen should have the same pinout at the A/V connector. Check starfox site.
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