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Thread: splicing into OEM sat nav screen

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    splicing into OEM sat nav screen

    hello peeps i have been browsing here for a while, and you guys have got me hooked onto the whole carputer idea, which brings me onto my question:

    iv got a fiat stilo which has a built in sat nav with a 6" colour tft. i was thinking is it possible to either splice into the tft's ribbon for the carputer and fit a touchscreen overlay onto it, or could i relplace the screen altogether with a new tft touchscreen.

    i would like to keep the built in sat nav as it provides me with all the setup options for the car and all the EBOD info.

    another option may also be to use a faulty unit and build a carputer into it as it fits nicely into the dash eliminating the need for any fabrication.

    thank you people.

    some helpful pics:
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