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Thread: [SOLVED] Lilliput 629, power but no image

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    Well in the Tech Sheet I got for the LCD panels I tried to get going it says I should get a reading of about 300-500Volts (rms) ... the lamp frequency will be between 20-60 Khz ... as this is pulsed by the lamp supply ...

    Watch out for the Kick Off (turn on) voltage as that can be around 1000+ volts ...

    Your's should have similar values ...

    The 3.3volts is the power supply for the control board by the looks of it ... definitely not the lamp voltage ...

    The voltage will be AC ... as it comes straight off the high voltage transformer of the DC/AC converter lamp supply ...


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    hi, do you have a pic of the fuse? mine was black screen.. i dismantle the lcd and check .. suddenly i have display.. den it flickered and gone.. and came back awhile..and gone black blank screen again.. i den dismantle and reconnect a ribbon. after that.. its only white screen im getting.. any advise?

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    Me too, would appreciate pic of this fuse, I am expriencing same issue.

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    Wow its a while since ive checked this thread. If your still wanting pictures of the fuse ive documented it better and added pics into my worklog (in my signiture)

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