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Thread: 8" screen, will it fit in a 07 focus?

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    8" screen, will it fit in a 07 focus?

    Just like the title says, anyone here know or have and 8" in their 05-07 focus? I will like to know if one would fit. (I realize there would be fabrication involved) Thanks!

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    Get the measurements from the Lilliput FAQ (or some other resource), measure the dash of your Focus and do ome math....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    It should, I put a 7" screen in my 06 focus, and theres plenty of room. If you fabricated into the main bezel, you shouldnt have a problem.

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    You may have room on the center console plastic piece, but iirc, in my older focus you would have had to relocate the hazard lights switch as well as possibly the cigarette lighter/accessory 12V plug and slide out tray to put anything more than a double din in there. May be different on new foci. All these, as well as the AC controls below, butt right into your work area...not that it's not entirely possible to move them, but it adds a little challenge.
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    8" is perfect!

    it worked to me

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