In my search on the net (and this forum offcourse) for a new indash screen I found the XDX-P070ID.

Please find here the brief specifications:

Half-Motorized In-Dash TFT-LCD Monitor with Touch Screen
and VGA
Model : XDX-P070ID
7 inches half-motorized by hand in-dash car TFT-LCD monitor
with touch sreen and VGA for car PC.
Display Size: 7.0 inches (16:9 )
Screen: New digital Panasonic TFT-LCD
Physical Resolution: 800*480 RGB
Supported Resolution: 1024*768
Visual Angle: 40(l), 30(u)
Brightness: 400
Contrast: 250
AV Chromatic System: PAL/NTSC (auto switch)
Working Power: DC11.5V-13V ( 900mA)
Electronic Consumption: 10W(max)
Operation Temperature: -20-60℃
Input Port: Double-channel video input, one VGA input, one
USB input, one power input
Function: OSD menu, touch screen for PC, AV(CD, VCD,
DVD, GPS, camera), rearview system
Color: Dark black
Net Weight(1pc/ctn): 3kg
Accessories: Remote controller, English instruction manual,
one CD disc, one touch pen, cables
Price : about $260

If have a few questions.

What does Half-Motorized mean?

Anybody having any expierence with this device?

Other remarks?