This thread is about info on providing custom resolutions to your touchscreens from laptops using ATI videocards. I've answered this question a few times in the last few weeks, just thought some folks might want to know:

For desktop video cards, you can usually go straight to the chipset manufacturer (ATI, nvidia, intel, etc.) and get very up-to-date drivers. However, in the case of laptops, most hardware IHV's (Dell, Toshiba, etc.), provide custom drivers specific to their laptops on their websites. Often, driver support for mobile products is unavailable unless you go to the specific hardware vendor. This is so vendors such as Dell can "lock down" certain features, like the resolution on their VGA outputs, so that they don't get service call after service call from noobs complaining that their Power Point presentation won't show up on their projector screen at 1920 X 1080i, or that their movies won't play from their laptop to their HDTV at 800 X 480. It's also so they can provide various customized features specific to their machines.

ATI came up with a program some time ago to provide their own "Catalyst" driver support via their website, so you could, as a laptop owner, get the "latest and greatest" driver support straight from the horse's mouth. Problem was, the IHV's no longer had direct control over features. ATI ganked this support some time ago in response to complaints from Dell, etc.

Powerstrip includes driver support for custom resolutions on ATI products. Problem is, it often doesn't work on IHV-specific laptop drivers. So, the folks that want custom rez's on thier Radeon-powered laptops, knowing that Powerstrip sometimes doesn't work with their "special" Dell/Toshiba/etc. drivers, have two choices:

1. Obtain modified drivers via the intarweb, that will install on a laptop, then use Powerstrip if their desired custom rez isn't included in the drivers.

2. Use a software tool to modify regular, up-to-date ATI "Catalyst" drivers for installation on a laptop, then use Powerstrip if necessary.

Option 1: Fortunately, there are great people out there who have already worked on the problem. Here is a link to a site providing customized ATI drivers for these products:

Option 2: Users who would like to modify the very latest ATI Catalyst drivers so they can be installed on mobile chipsets can use a program called mobilemod:

...but the program is old, and newer versions won't work on older drivers. For owners of the mobility 9000, ATI has cut support for these products in their latest sets of drivers (6.6 or greater drivers, even modified ones, won't work on the mobility 9000 without forcing driver install---not suggested). For these products, modified versions of Catalyst drivers prior to the 6.5 revision still work:

Or, you can attempt to acquire an older version of mobilemod that works to modify older drivers.

Hopefully, this will help users of Radeon-powered laptops to realize the dream of providing their touchscreens with native resolutions, enabling a much cleaner, more detailed look with proper aspect ratio for their computing. I can't do so myself, I have an intel chipset laptop, which is a whole 'nuther set of threads. I would suggest directing specific questions to the forums at the link above, or the forums at