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Thread: lilliput 619 wont show right side of screen

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    lilliput 619 wont show right side of screen

    I am new to the forums but not all that new to the carputers. Sporty_drew has been helping w/ my install. My current problem is with my touchscreen (7" lilliput 619). It will not show a portion of the right hand side of my desktop pretty much starting where the time is shown on the tool bar and then on to the right. We have changed the clock and reset it many times and it still wont work. When it is plugged into my laptop it works just fine and when my motherboard is plugged into a monitor you can see all of my desktop just fine on that monitor. The problem happens when i plug my touchscreen monitor in to my motherboard. The screen will attempt to readjust and it will be just right and then right before it finishes readjusting the right hand side stretches past the side of the monitor so you cant see it. any help would be great if anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appriciated



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    still cant get it to work is there any other ideas or could it possibly be defective?

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    Have you installed the VGA driver on your carputer?
    What resolution/refresh rates is it currently running?
    Wat resolution and monitor type have you got specified in the BIOS?
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    thanks for some reason i thought that i had changed the monitor type to lcd in the bios before but i guess i hadnt. works great now that i have the right type of monitor specified

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