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Thread: Couple questions on the Lilliput EBY-701.

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    Couple questions on the Lilliput EBY-701.

    Forgive me if these questions are obvious, but I've been searching and reading a lot and these are what arose.

    Does the EBY-701 have the auto-turn on feature, or do you have to take apart the monitor and do something to get it to turn on automatically? I know with the previous versions you do, but I wasn't sure about this one. If so, is it the exact same instructions as the 629 and 619 or is it different?

    Second, is the reason that everybody seems to take apart their monitor so they can fabricate just the monitor shell without the lcd panel in it so they don't risk damaging it? If so, are there any instructions on how to take apart a 701, or should I just do my best?

    Thanks a ton, these would be very helpful

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    did you work this out i have the same screen which i want to install in my 02 camry

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