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Thread: Anybody want my MP3Car Transflective Monitor

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    Anybody want my MP3Car Transflective Monitor

    It's still new in the box, I took it out to do the review comparing it to the CarTFT monitor for our forum and it's been in the box ever since. I never got a chance to fabricate it into my dash and now I'm going to get a BMW 530i so I don't need it anymore at all. I'm selling it for $580 - $600usd + insured shipping. So someone can save big for a new transflective monitor. I guarantee it to be in the condition I described. PM me to make an offer between my asking price if your're interested. I will wait 24-48 hours and accept the highest offer. Paypal and US buyers only for both our protection. My ebay username is ovsims if you want to check my feedback there.

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